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Creative Credit Risk Solutions

Trade Credit Advisors (TCA) specializes in being your outsourced credit solution. TCA's value proposition leverages old school analytics, latest credit data sources and seasoned industry professionals focused on sales integrity while utilizing multiple risk mitigation strategies.

We provide a strategic business review of your key customers; assessing the accounts receivable portfolio and advising risk mitigation strategies. Our access to credit and financial data, for both domestic and international firms, surpasses our competition, giving you the best advantage at minimizing risk.

Flexible and diverse, we provide business services for startups/VC's, PE acquisitions, rapidly growing firms and mature organizations struggling to reduce expense structure in today's dynamic environment. Our goal is to equip your company to identify and avoid bad debt and provide a customized plan so your firm can thrive.

With over a decade of experience in navigating risk that started during the .com internet boom of the late 90s, thru the great recession of the late 00's, and continuing to the present day. We are able to secure the latest data, mix in old school analytics, and blend in years of professional contacts and provide you exceptional advice and a profitable road forward. Contact us to set up a consultation to identify a solution that's right for you.

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Richard Steele

Principal & CFO


Areas of Focus

Start Ups

Hire for technology and sales opportunities not your financial back office. Entrepreneurs need to focus on their business so let us do your customer risk analysis. We perform the know your customer (KYC), credit application and approval leg work. Expand sales opportunities... know when it is safe to convert selling terms from cash in advance and consider a customer for open account terms. Ongoing or one-off support available.

CFO's & Controllers

Focus on profitability and sales, we will manage your credit risk. Track and reduce bad debt write-offs. Lower overhead expenses by cutting FTE count, reduce equipment and office space requirements. Bring on credit expertise for short term projects or temporary staff shortages. Independent perspective from an outside credit review. Out source reporting requirements component required for SOX, banking, insurance and board/investor compliance.

Global Supply Chain

Are your suppliers reliable? We secure reliable data, provide financial analysis to understand vendor performance risk. Know when you need to consider alternative vendors. Could you or your firm survive even a short interruption. We know where to obtain the more reliable data on foreign vendors.

Private Equity Firms

Outsource your credit risk... lower FTE count. Where factoring is employed bring credit expertise to drive sales to marginal customers on "client" risk. Will one major write-off could upset your cash budget and your ability to deliver to investors? Do you know the best source for credit information in your industry? Today we have multiple credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and the traditional firms are often not the best source.

Credit Managers

Supplement your team as needed so your bosses' DSO and working capital KPI's are met. Credit teams are being asked to do more with less. Bolster your credit analytics during acquisitions, ERP conversions or during staffing transitions. What better way to show your value then to have an outside review of marginal or risk customers. Are your able to manage, subscribe or access the best credit reporting services?

Professional Advisors

As Bankers, CPA's, Attorneys, and Insurance Agents you understand your client's challenges. You are also in a position to advocate for their future success. Left unaddressed, bad debt expense and weak credit controls are a risk to your clients survival. Leverage our expertise to fill gaps due to peak workloads, staff shortages, or lack of know how.

Credit Risk Support Services

Key Customer Credit Review

We provide a customized review of your 10 largest customers. Our credit recommendation takes in consideration each firm's risk appetite and bad debt write-off history. We leverage your internal payment data, the best industry trade payment data,financial statement analysis and liquidity forecast to provide the best credit recommendations. We provide a one-off opinion or can schedule quarterly or annual updates.

Second Opinion Review Service

Our firm can provide an independent credit assessment of your AR portfolio, top 10 customers and historical bad debt write-off rate. We are ready to support your SOX, banking and insurance compliance requirements.

Supplier Financial Risk Analysis

Global supply chain is critical to financial success for every firm. We review financial, liquidity, selling and payment terms of your vendors for signs of stress that could lead to non performance. Identifying potential issues early on permits buying and procurement teams to make the necessary adjustments.

Interim / Ongoing Remote Onsite Support

TCA can provide interim credit management services remote or onsite. We can provide ongoing credit approvals and customer monitoring also.

International Credit Risk

As firms pursue global sales they enter an arena of much higher risk. Locating reliable financial and industry trade data becomes more costly and challenging. Clients often find the credit insurance product a very limited solution. We recommend multiple mitigation strategies after reviewing conferring with our professional network and the best global sources of financial and trade data.

Risk Strategy

TCA is ready to partner with management to discuss risk strategy and mitigation options.

Professional Affiliations

Member - Business Credit Management Association (WI)

World Trade Center, St. Louis


I have always admired Richard’s knowledge of the credit field and his ability to see the big picture by analyzing a situation, developing alternatives solutions, then implementing the one that best fits the situation. His knowledge and experience make him a most valuable resource for anyone looking for a fresh approach and new ideas for their business.


Richard has been great to work with … he has been a partner in developing proactive and realistic options that optimize communication, credit risk and opportunities for increased sales


Richard has a wealth of experience in credit and banking and … an invaluable resource on credit management and risk analysis. He has been very willing to share his experience and expertise …he demonstrates his sound analytical and risk assessment skills.


I would be glad to give Richard a very strong recommendation as a credit manager. He was very knowledgeable… trusted to act independently and made well founded recommendations to management…also an excellent team participant.


Richard has tremendous ability to analyze financial statements, make accurate interpretations recommendations to senior management. He maintained excellent lines of communication with marketing, customer service and sales …business units.



Trade Credit Advisors LLC is a boutique credit risk advisory service providing creative solutions to credit risk challenges emerging and established companies face in the current environment. Clients come from multiple sectors including consumer products, tech startups, digital media, wholesale/distribution, and the apparel industries.


Kellwood Company Credit Management
ARP Credit Team
Code 3 AR Team
Pepsi AR Team
HSBC ABL Lending Team


Richard Steele

Principal & CFO

Opening his career in commercial banking at a New York bank has provided a strong foundation for a career in commercial (trade) credit. Richard continues to apply his vast knowledge in many aspects of credit management and analysis leveraging creative solutions to today's challenges. He has been an active member of many professional and industry credit groups, participating on various industry panels focusing on selling to international customers, credit risk and various approaches to selling terms. He blends big data, old school analytics with deep professional experience to create innovative solutions.

Professional Designations

  • Certified International Credit Professional (CICP)


  • Business Credit Management Association, Member
  • NACM Gateway Board Member 2006 - 2014
  • NACM Gateway Chairman 2013
  • World Trade Center, St. Louis, Member

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